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Andrew Moores

Director of Training

Andrew Moores is well known and highly respected with regards to his work with personal safety, threat assessment and violence prevention programs for children, women and men. He has been involved with the martial arts for 12 years and has found much success in the tournament arena with most recently finishing 2nd in Kumite (sparring) and 1st in Kata (forms) at the World Uechi Championships. Also, Mr. Moores finished first at the 2003 Tsuruoka Canadian National Championships in Kata (forms) and was a proud member of the United States team which finished 2nd in team Kumite (sparring).

Mr. Moores is a member of Blauer Tactical Systems’ Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) team. Personal Defense Readiness is a state of the art personal protection and life enhancing system that increases the students awareness, fear management capacity, verbal diffusion skills and ability to defend themselves in the street. Blauer Tactical Systems is one of the world’s leading consulting groups for combative and defensive tactics training. For over 20 years, Blauer Tactical has been involved in the research, development and design of programs for civilians, law enforcement and military trainers.

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