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Whether you are looking to develop FOCUS, gain CONFIDENCE, improve your FITNESS level or learn practical skills to PROTECT YOURSELF;
our expert team will motivate and inspire you to accomplish your goals.

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For almost 20 years, Atlantic Karate Training Center has been serving the greater New Hampshire Seacoast area. Atlantic Karate, conveniently located on Lafayette Rd. in North Hampton, is a family owned martial arts school that is run with a passion for teaching. Our world class curriculum emphasizes traditional values such as focus, confidence, respect, functional fitness and self defense. Although our teaching and curriculum is deeply rooted in tradition, it is balanced with progressive and innovative teaching methodologies.

Our state of the art facility offers classes for the entire family. Our LITTLE SAMURAI and JUNIOR KARATE classes are designed for our younger students with a curriculum focused on their development learning stages. Our TEEN KARATE program emphasis what teenagers need in a martial arts program; discipline, fitness, focus and fun. Our ADULT KARATE is a haven for adults needing something for themselves. An outlet of stress relief, fitness, self defense and traditional martial arts for the absolute beginner to the seasoned veteran. Here they train and reap the absolute benefits the martial arts has to offer.

Lastly, our HYBRID PERFORMANCE AND FITNESS program offers the absolute best full body functional fitness class. Whether your goal is to lose weight and inches, burn fat, increase strength, burn off stress, improve your flexibility, or compete at your highest level; our expert team will motivate and inspire you to accomplish your goals.

What sets Atlantic Karate apart from the rest? Simply, our passion for teaching and training our students and members. Our teaching mantras of “Show them not what you can do, but what they can do” and “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care;” guide all our instruction to be sure our students and members training experience is unique for their needs and goals.

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